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I Double Drabble Dare You

Unless You Are Too Chicken

Harry Potter Drabble Dares
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Dare to drabble, drabble the dare.

Give us a prompt. Give us a pair.

Welcome to Harry Potter Drabble Dare!
Moderated by
The House of Ill Repute
Each week you'll find a dare.

A situation... A kink... A pairing... A tripling... A quadrupling...
You name it!

Then, you write it ... or draw it ...
We dare you to write a drabble.

100 words minimum for fics.
1000 words maximum for fics.
(tho' honestly, if you go over, no one will mind!)

At the end of the month, we'll award LJ prizes to the best entries, including:
2-months of paid LJ subscription status
1 month of the extra userpics
1 month of the extra storage space

Also, you can get in on the challenge-making!
If you have a challenge you'd like to dare the community
to utilize, then go ahead and dare us!

Been yearning for Hooch/Sprout in the forest?
Itching to read some Dobby/Lucius wearing socks??
Would you SQUEE at Dennis/Great Squid???
Don't search, don't plead, DARE!
Post a dare to the community!
All members can dare. All members can drabble.
Come on, you know you wanna play!

All drabbles must be behind a cut!
Slash/Gen/Het are all welcome as well as all ratings.

Please use the following header on all posts


Please use the following on all dares:

I double drabble dare you to write:


Disclaimer: The HP characters belong to JKR.
We're not stealing them, we just want to play with them for a while.

Now affiliated with the wonderful toilntrouble

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